Anna Abel

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Anna Abel, MS, RD, LDN

About Anna:

Anna Abel is a Registered Dietitian who lives in Los Angeles, California. Her favorite things to do are pilates, boxing, strength training, trying any new foods and hanging with her husband and 2 pups. You'll find her at the beach, at a local food spot or trying new sports/forms of movement. She loves helping people feel their strongest, healthiest and best version of themselves.

Knowledgeable areas:

Anna has experience working with oncology patients and disordered eating as well as nutritionally treating chronic illnesses. She finds her passion in people building healthy relationships with food and helping clients find alignment with their physical bodies. She strives to aid with chronic pain or conditions so people can live a more free life. She utilizes gentle nutrition and even menu planning.


Anna attended University of Alabama at Birmingham and graduated with a Master's degree in Nutrition as well as completed the Dietetic Education program. She has a passion for her schooling, she participated in some research and taught classes to oncology students, and interned at various facilities learning nutrition for disordered eating. She has a background in functional nutrition as well, and likes to treat clients on a well rounded and holistic level.